Movikarma FAQs


Q: What is Movikarma?

A: Movikarma is a place to watch socially conscious films and support the causes and creators connected to the content you watch. Viewers are educated, informed, and inspired through entertainment. Additionally, during a Movikarma film or after watching it, you can donate to a charity partner and/or the independent filmmaker(s) connected to the film. By creating a platform of impact driven content, we are transforming entertainment into action, giving you meaningful opportunities to change the world through the power of story. 


Q: Is Movikarma a mobile app?

A: Movikarma will initially launch as a fully responsive web app. That means you will be able to simply go to, watch movies, and take action on any device - laptop, tablet, or phone. You will have the same experience no matter where you watch Movikarma. In the next stage of development, Movikarma will offer a mobile app available to iOS and Android.


Q; Will Movikarma be on Roku or Apple TV?

A: Yes, as we grow, we aim to be available on all major distribution platforms, including Roku and Apple TV, so that we can reach more homes and generate greater global impact. 


Q: Is there anything like Movikarma on the market?

A: Yes and no. There are some niche streaming services, but none that we believe are truly impact-driven, focused on socially conscious stories, and transforming entertainment into action like ours. 


Q: You say you want to make the world a better place, so why aren’t you a nonprofit? 

A: Changing the world isn’t easy - and it requires resources to do it. That’s why A Show For A Change is a public benefit company, also known as a B Corp. Instead of being solely obligated to make their shareholders wealthier, B Corps must also account for the public benefit of their actions. In this way, we can earn revenue in ways that nonprofits can’t, and still be a mission-driven organization that uses our resources for social good. 


Q: Is there a market for Movikarma?

A: Yes!. Social impact films have been part of Hollywood since the beginning, and charitable giving continues to increase globally. In 2017, one major distributor of social impact films earned $11.5M in annual revenue, and a celebrity-driven fundraising platform has raised $20M+ over 5 years. $281B was given by individuals to charity in the U.S. in 2017 - a staggering amount - and 40% of people in developed countries donate to charity (2017).

Add to this the fact that Americans spend an average 6 hours per day watching videos on their phones - and it’s clear that there’s a place for compelling narrative content that inspires social change. 


Q: Couldn’t I just go to a nonprofit’s website, or a place like Indiegogo or GoFundMe, and donate there?

A: Absolutely! We actually encourage you to do that. However, the donation won’t lead to a conversation with your friends and colleagues like when you watch a really good film or documentary. This is where Movikarma is different. Through the power of story, we are able to make charitable giving viral because through sparked conversations, we are able to spread goodness to a wider audience. At the same time, we are also able to educate and entertain. So who says “you can’t have your cake and eat it too”? 


Q: Is there a cost for nonprofits or influencers to work with you? 

A: No, and in fact there’s an opportunity for nonprofits to save limited advertising dollars and fundraising resources by partnering with us. Instead of creating videos for YouTube or advertising on social media with no guarantees of impact in a very crowded environment, nonprofits who partner with us get a win-win experience with tangible results. We curate socially conscious narrative content directly aligned with the nonprofit’s mission - and raise funds and awareness for their cause in the process. Our platform reaches targeted, engaged, and compassionate audiences with the spending power to match - and we provide our nonprofit partners with powerful analytics and data about their audience’s engagement. This data can drive crucial future fundraising and marketing decisions. 

For a reasonable cost, we also offer nonprofits, influencers, and brands the opportunity to have us create powerful, narrative content for them which will be hosted on Movikarma to raise funds and awareness for their work. 


Q: If I donate to a nonprofit on Movikarma or support a filmmaker, how much of it actually goes to the recipient? 

A: Approximately 95% of every dollar donated to a nonprofit and in support of a filmmaker on Movikarma goes to the intended recipient. This accounts for a roughly 3% processing fee from our payment processor, Stripe, and a 2% administrative fee by A Show For A Change to grow and scale our impact. 


Q: Will you work with any nonprofit?

A: No. With few exceptions, all of our nonprofit partners must have an 80% or higher rating on an independent review platform, such as Charity Navigator or Guidestar. Nonprofit partners must also be registered in their appropriate jurisdiction as a non-profit entity (501(c)3 in the U.S.) and have a proven track record of success. 


Q: Will you raise funds for any social cause on your platform?

A: No. While we are proud to support a wide variety of global social causes, we will only support causes that align with our company values, which include promoting inclusivity, compassion, and empathy. We reserve the right to not support any specific cause or nonprofit that does not align with our core values. 


Q: How can I get help if I have a question about Movikarma? 

A: If it’s a technical question, please email [email protected]. For general and all other inquiries, please email [email protected].